The facilities of Vamos Palace are situated in a serene environment, very close to the centre of the traditional village Vamos, on a half hour drive from the city of Chania. Our facilities are composed of three main buildings, built of stone in total harmony and with respect to the architectural and natural environment, made up of four apartments or studios each.

Among these, you may choose to stay in:
a) a luxurious suite of 85 m² with kitchen and fireplace, as well as a spacious sitting place with a 26'' tv set, where up to 6 persons can be hosted.
b) two big apartments of 60 m² each, which can be separated into two, with two bedrooms, kitchen and sitting place, where up to 4 persons can be hosted, and
c) eight spacious studios of 40 m² each, with two beds and two large sofas, where up to 4 persons can be hosted (or 2 adults +2 children).

All studios and apartments have access to hot water 24 hours a day, a kitchenette with full equipments and a refrigerator, a 21'' tv set and air-condition, which in combination with the warm colors of our facilities make your stay pleasant and comfortable, a truly unforgettable and colorful memory worth experiencing again and again.
All studios and apartments also have a great view to the plain of Apokoronas and the Gulf of Souda, as well as to the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), which you can enjoy drinking your coffee or drink next to the pool bar, or sitting at your very own 14 m² veranda all studios and apartments have. One can hardly omit the sweets of hospitable Mrs Eleni, which are quite hard to resist… So, what are you waiting for?

The village of Vamos

Vamos is a picturesque village that has preserved its very own and vivid colour stainless until today, despite the fact that it has been the staging scene for particularly violent conflicts that paved the way for the autonomy of Crete and its subsequent union with Greece.
According to historical sources, the village was founded at the beginning of the 8th century by Arabs from Muslim Spain. According to the legend, the Arabs destroyed the settlement of Kalyves and moved over the mainland hills to create a new settlement. The call that was spread among them was "Vamos", which stands for "let's go" in spanish, and that's the name the village got ever after.
Vamos fell into decline during the first years after the recapture of Crete by the Byzantines in 961, but it was soon repopulated and grew further during Venetian rule (1204-1669), at the point that it became the seat of three provinces during Ottoman rule, those of Apokoronas, Sfakia and Agios Vasilios. The Ottoman authorities built a majestic palace in the village in the 1860s, which was unfortunately destroyed by Cretan rebels during the 1895 revolution.
At the centre of the village, about 800m from Vamos Palace, one can find lots of services and shops, such as bakery, grocery, bank, post office, shops with local products and a series of picturesque tavernas, where you can taste exquisite local dishes, traditional sweets, and discover many more surprises...